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41 chat dating oemji com p room topic

Omnia qna in eon'rorfrrtom awl in eonlen Honen veniatii,} B7 eni- Irtntrtia ia properly meant genvi oratiotiit jvdleials, opposed to namina, aa is evideat from b.

Let what 1 have said, therefore, as to eloquence being a virtue, be sufficient, for of its usefulness I have treated above.

too, makes two general slates : " WLetht a thing is," and " of what nature it is." Under the first b includes definition, hecause it is equally a question whether i man who denies that he has stolen anything from a temple, who owns that he stole from it the money of a private indi vidual, »_■ guilty of sacrilege.^ Quality he divides into fat and what is written : to what is teriiten he assigns four li ^ questions,^ setting aside exceptio H;% guanlitg and inlenliom] he puts under conjecture.^ 39.

and because, moreover, contradictory laws, and the ratiocinatory state,^ that is, the syllogism, and questions in general, regarding writings and the intention of the writer, depend on considerations of equity ; (except that tliis last case sometimes admits of conjecture, aa when we inquire what the legislator meant ;) but ambiguity must necessarily be explained by conjecture, because, as it is plain that the mords may be understood in two ways, the question is solely about the in- tention.


31 he baa been speaking of thiaa who admit onlj two.

for the one term is of the same signification as the other, 1 CHAPTER XIX.

S Comparalio,'] Cimiparali D among rhetoricians ia gauarallj a apeciea of quaiilas or itaitujuridiaalia, in Qraek riiirio Tnnir, whoa the accused parson confes Bea that be has hnea ^Uty of a crime, but attempts to ■how Ili Bt the ill which ha did was the cauea of some greater good J Comp.

11 ; i L 2ns, he menns tbat it reete with the judgea in cau KB to determine whether bd; particular thing a to be called j UHt or nnjuet, &a.

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Ll the first case the accused deniea that he took nii Tthiiig at all from tlw the tample ; in the second, be denies that be touk anything belo Dgiiu to the temple.

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