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He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine.

He does not need any type of heart surgery and he is recovering nicely but slowly. I got a message from my webmaster and he told me that my website membership is slowly dropping.

In fact, I am out of ideas of what kind of photos to shoot for you.

If you are going to suggest some photo shoots, make them realistic and not impossible to do, like nude in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

I know you all are probably sick of all the Cancun photos but after so many years of shooting for my website, I just don’t know what else to shoot. From now on all domestic orders will have a .50 PER ITEM shipping cost.

I have been out of country a few times with my latest trip being to Hawaii. It is a good tournament and I am thinking about putting my own team together for next years’ tournament. I was also in Cancun and Jamaica, my two favorite places for relaxation, sun tanning, playing beach and pool volleyball, EATING and disco dancing followed by time in the hot tub. Love, Minka I just got back from 10 days in Jamaica.Again it has been a while and again I have a good reason for it.My manager, who you all know as Woody had a massive heart attack on the evening of October 2nd.She invited me to her suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino to do some shooting. And the rumor that I am retiring is just that, a rumor. Also been to Cancun a few months ago and I am going back there tomorrow morning for 10 days of doing nothing but laying out on the beach or by the pool playing pool volleyball, eating and dancing at night.Most of you know that I can eat like a horse and I spare nothing when it is lunchtime and dinner time at the buffet.

My oldest dog died about a week ago and I was very sad. He was 18 human years old and that is very old for a dog. It is starting to warm up here in Las Vegas and we had a mild winter. He was my photographer the first time I shot for Score and he did many of my shoots and some of my videos.