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Streifthau ended the decade by purchasing "The Cyclone," a 1927 John Miller wooden roller coaster, and adding it to his park in 1939.The park continued to expand by adding more rides and gaining a reputation for being an exceptional amusement destination.

A place that once provided so many memories and served as a symbol of the fading era of the "classic" American amusement park, sat quiet and abandoned.No one had ridden the classic "Screechin` Eagle" wooden roller coaster, or any other ride for that matter since 2002.In fact, the park hadn't seen any guests since it closed a week before it was planned to end it's season back in August of 2002, with its Halloween and holiday events also being cancelled.He outlined his ambitious plan of having not only a new RV super center built, but also a year round park facility with Halloween and Christmas activities as well as a campground. Finally in 2002 the gears started turning and the park once again regained life.The park had its name changed back to "Le Sourdsville Lake" and began what seemed to be a prosperous summer season, the park's 80th.

In 2006, owner Jerry Couch announced the park would never operate as a traditional amusement park again.