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Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it.

The names of the Muslim leaders, and the names of their Islamic groups, are transitory and ultimately unimportant.

Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are succeeded by Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, but they will all pass from the scene and be replaced by others.

While Muslim leaders and regimes have come and gone, Islam itself has remained steadfastly at war with the non-Muslim world for 1,400 years.

Once conquered by Islam, territory is rarely taken back, Spain being a notable exception.

The Muslim world produces almost no books or new inventions.

In Islam, the fanatics who are holding the unalterable Koran in one hand and a sword in the other always stand ready to seize complete power and exterminate their enemies.

To devout Muslims, there are only two significant realms of the world.

It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest.

It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center.

Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third.

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