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Changes in infrastructure also affect the Bureau’s network.Over time, towns and cities grow, new roads and airports are built, and rural land use changes.

The data from each ACORN-SAT observing location is subject to ten different quality control checks.By 1910, however, the newly formed Australian Bureau of Meteorology had established standardised equipment in many parts of the country Over the past century, the Bureau has expanded, developed and advanced its network of observing sites.In 2011, the Bureau had 774 temperature recording sites and nearly 6000 rain gauges operating across Australia.Climatologists carefully analyse records to find any evidence of spurious artefacts in the data, which introduce changes over time that are not related to climate variability.These include artificial changes in the record due to the replacement of thermometers or changes in observing practices, such as the change from imperial to decimal units in the middle of last century. As the population has grown and expanded into remote parts of the continent, so too has the Bureau’s station network.

For this reason, a carefully prepared dataset such as ACORN-SAT is vital for climate research.