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Although the Virginia legislature increased restrictions on free blacks following the Nat Turner Rebellion of 1831, it refrained from establishing a one-drop rule. Eppes and debated in 1853, representatives realized that such a rule could adversely affect whites, as they were aware of generations of interracial relationships.During the debate, a person wrote to the Charlottesville newspaper: [If a one-drop rule were adopted], I doubt not, if many who are reputed to be white, and are in fact so, do not in a very short time find themselves instead of being elevated, reduced by the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, to the level of a free negro. No such law was passed until 1924, apparently assisted by the fading recollection of familial histories.Among patrilineal tribes, such as the Omaha, a child born to an Omaha mother and a white father could belong officially to the Omaha tribe only if the child were formally adopted into it by a male citizen. S., the concept of the one-drop rule has been chiefly applied by white Americans to those of sub-Saharan black African ancestry in the 20th century, when they were trying to maintain white supremacy.The poet Langston Hughes wrote in his 1940 memoir: You see, unfortunately, I am not black. Whites also applied this rule to mixed-race descendants of Native American and African ethnicity, classifying them as African.These and community acceptance were the more important factors if a person's racial status were questioned, not his or her documented ancestry.Because of the social mobility of antebellum society in frontier areas, many people did not have documentation about their ancestors.Based on DNA and historical evidence, Thomas Jefferson is widely believed to have fathered the six mixed-race children of his slave Sally Hemings; four survived to adulthood.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.Tillman said, It is a scientific fact that there is not one full-blooded Caucasian on the floor of this convention. The doors would be open to scandal, malice, and greed.The one-drop rule was not adopted as law until the 20th century: first in Tennessee in 1910 and in Virginia under the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 (following the passage of similar laws in several other states).There are lots of different kinds of blood in our family. In this they ignored how people identified themselves; many Native American tribes reared children of mixed race as culturally within their tribe. Sociologically, however, the concept remains somewhat pervasive, embraced mostly by people of Sub-Saharan African descent, and research has shown that some white people associate bi-racial children with the non-white race of the individual.But here in the United States, the word 'Negro' is used to mean anyone who has any Negro blood at all in his veins. This distinction was critical as Native American slavery had ended during the colonial years. Both before and after the American Civil War, many people of mixed ancestry who "looked white" and were of mostly white ancestry were legally absorbed into the white majority. For instance, an 1822 Virginia law stated that to be defined as mulatto (that is, multi-racial), a person had to have at least one-quarter (equivalent to one grandparent) African ancestry.

In 1924, under the Racial Integrity Act, even the one sixteenth standard was scrapped.

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