An internal error occurred during updating maven project

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In the first section ( Artifact Information) you enter the coordinates of your artifact. If you do, the connection to the repository servers will be done using these credentials.In the Staging Repository Information section you tell there your source repository is, e.g. In the following section Release Repository Information, you enter the information about the target repository, e.g. If you don't suppot credentials, the access will be done without any authentication.For more information on staged rollouts, see the Google Play documentation: This field supports substituting environment variables in the form $ or $SOME_VARIABLE at build time.

Note that the steps are designed for use with small files.

There's not a hard stash size limit, but between 5-100 MB you should probably consider alternatives.

This is a special step that allows to call builders or post-build actions (as in freestyle or similar projects), in general "build steps".

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Retry the block (up to N times) if any exception happens during its body execution.

Automatic artifact archiving can be disabled under the advanced Maven options.

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