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Finally there are women who may enjoy anal sex because they enjoy pleasing their partners.(As a service-oriented submissive, I fall into this category, too.) And newsflash: It’s totally OK to enjoy something because you enjoy pleasing the person you’re with.That doesn’t make it any less valid a form of enjoyment.Many humans of all genders take immense pleasure in seeing the person they’re fucking having a grand time.I’m sure there are many more reasons why a woman might enjoy anal sex, but frankly I don’t really care about them.If someone tells me they like something, I am prone to believing them.

“I know men that freak out when people even joke about going near their anal cavity,” she writes, “yet have no problem encouraging a woman to take it up the ass.” I actually tend to agree with her on this particular gripe, although I believe there is a far more complex system at work here for which it is not entirely fair to blame men as individuals.(*as long as it’s consensual, but come on, do I really have to specify that?) Some women do report stronger orgasms as a direct result of anal sex.I shouldn’t have to explain that it is the gender of the people you choose as partners and not the activities you choose to do with those partners that determines your sexual orientation (and nor is any one sexual orientation better than another, although some are unfortunately afforded more privileges at this point in our history), but somehow it’s a revelation that is still just occurring to some people.As Charlie Glickman, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure,” has famously said, “When you can’t be present in your ass, you can’t be fully present in your body.” I don’t expect every guy to be into anal penetration.

Luckily the same philosophy I subscribe to that advocates for women to have the right to enjoy the kind of sex they like without being judged for it also ascribes the same right to men. And yet it is that very taboo, that shame that is caught up in our asses, that is the very reason I find anal sex so important.

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