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The first line tells the system how to execute the file.

The second sets up the headers (and it needs BOTH newlines).

Version 2.4 was released earlier this year, and will also not be covered. Apache is structured around a series of modules, which can either be compiled into the program or added dynamically.

To see the compiled modules, run How many complied in modules are present in your system?

Suppose that we deliberately introduce a simple error into our configuration file, replacing the Server Name directive with [[email protected] html]# apachectl configtest Syntax error on line 277 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Invalid command 'tu', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration See Apache sets policies on a directory-by-directory basis; moreover these directory directives can overlap. Oh silly me, no it isn’t- that would take the fun out it. Run the command Now you may feel the urge to set that all the way to disabled.

Read the documentation at What is the default policy of Apache towards a directory (Lines 302-305)? If you do though, you will have difficulty enabling SELinux should you later change your mind. Suppose that you let individual users set up their own web pages on a server in this fashion.

See for details; notice also that the log system can be set to use syslog.

Now I know that no one in my class could ever make a syntax error in a configuration file, but it is possible that you may see it happen to someone else. See see also user directories, but only for one user. What permissions are necessary so that another user (say the user apache from group apache) can traverse this directory? What are the permissions for the directory and the file for your web page? It still doesn’t work even though the permissions are right? There are people who think that this is a great tool for securing a Linux system. It turns out that SELinux is preventing apache from reading the file you have set up because it is in a different security context.

What HTTP methods are not allowed for the public user directories? If you want to, know more about regular expressions, go online- just remember that (1) Apache uses PCRE and (2) "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think ‘I know, I’ll use regular expressions.’ Now they have two problems." Line 484 sets the location of the error log.

Line 402 determines what file will be served if the user asks for a directory. Note that this is relative to the root directory for Apache configuration (/etc/httpd) and should now explain why that directory has a symlink from logs to /var/log/httpd.

To see the dynamically loaded modules, we will need to look at the configuration file- later!

Directories and files These are the Cent OS defaults; other systems use variations on this theme.

Note that, they are commented out in the default configuration, meaning they fall back to the default Directory policy (lines 302-305).

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