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Arab marriage and dating site

So, imagine more conservative countries like Saudi Arabia.It is too important of a factor to ignore,” he says.As for the site’s impact on the cofounders’ status?Still single but, they joke, that’s “So that we can understand our users.It’s a recipe they say results in more successful marriages.Promoting successful marriages might sound lofty, but in conservative countries like Egypt or Saudi Arabia, young singles are challenged to find a mate.“It was a very, very stressful environment, but it was good.

The Arab “marriage-oriented” dating website attracted attention from angel investors and venture capital firms, and received term sheets from investors who weren’t even pitched.Nimer needs more data to prove it, but says interactions between men and women on the site often seem to mimic real life in the Middle East.“Men will take the initiative of sending messages for many women, while a woman will be waiting for messages to answer,” says Maalouf.Eighty-four percent of users say they have met at least one person through the platform.Based on an “affinity matchmaking quiz,” et3arraf recommends up to 40 matches, 10 of whom are active on the site at the same time and 30 of whom are considered to be the most compatible.

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There is limited interaction between a man and a woman.” Some et3arraf features that preserve this “cultural constraint” include anonymous profiles and withheld contact information, restricting users to messaging only their matches, and “progressive intimacy sharing,” in which a user’s photo is blurred until they choose to share it.

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