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Ava's favorite sport is basketball, she is not into football and she likes rock music, but her guilt pleasure is pop.She enjoys listening to bands like Rolling Stones, Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne.Addams is a pretty easy going chick, but if there is one thing she really hates, it is lying.

Before she started doing boy-girl scenes she was dating this guy who was against it. Growing up in the US, Ava Addams did not get a chance to learn how to talk dirty in French.She grew up in Houston, Texas and fluently speaks French and passively Spanish.As a kid she did a lot of traveling with her parents visiting Morocco, Normandy, Spain and south of France.In-Ha doesn't speak up in time and misses returning her diary. The only thing I wish could have been different was that every time something good happened, it was almost immediately turned into trouble and then an episode later it was happy again and so forth. these kinds of series have been my permant wish from my childhood to now! thank you I watched at least 10 times over & over on Love Rain. thumbs up also for the storyline and cinematography! anyways , it may not be a hit in korea but this will be a hit internationally. Lee min ho is just a new actor not as experience as Jang Geun Suk. I think that it's way better than Playful Kisses and Secret Garden. Love Rain is definitely one of my favorite among Korean Dramas. It's so slow.,(falls to sleep)character's is not interesting at all.. she really should'nt act.,at least not the female lead.terrible!! i sometimes watch telenovelas but nothing has caught my attention of late,this story certainly did! Why are the ratings of good dramas like this one so low in Korea? Most of these type of dramas are fresh, fun, refreshing and the best thing of all..are short!! Kdramas are really very well received and much enjoyed outside Korea - I'm had about that. I just find myself annoyed at times when good things starts then suddenly it went back to the oldies.. The shootings are fun and it's enjoying to work with the staff, that i'm not bothered even if the ratings are bad" (source: allkpop) My response: You really don't need to worry my dear Jang geun Suk, indeed the drama is doing great even if statistics states that it's not. They express so perfect their feelings and I can feel the happiness and also the painful moments!! ^_^ I hope people give more value to the actors and producer's work... LOVE U after the success of city hunter here in the philippines beacause im a fan of kdrama he's beautiful and marry me mary which has led me to love rain, out of curiosity i search info and synopsis of the story..In-Ha then reads more from her diary, this time from front to back multiple times. A date is set to meet the following Sunday to watch the movie "Love Story". Yoona really looked incredibly sweet and pretty as Jung Hana, especially in the later episodes. This is an extremely hard to act drama due to the fact that Jang Geun Suk & Yim Yoona had to act 2 generations of roles. I also can't understand the so much better than Fashion King(rival show). LMH got popular in Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter but in Boys over Flowers he is the NG KING... It was such a beautiful love story, in my language it's "sobrang nakakakilig". vhoooooooooooooo i luv diz drama....simply gr8...i luved yoona n jang geun suk in 21st centuary......eva d old couple ws shown i used to feel soooo bored dat i thought it ws a break afta everi interestin part....i wnted to watch more of the young couple...n it rele frustrated me wen eva d old couple was i wish dey wud mak luv rain part 2...dey ll screen more of d young couple dan dat borin old couple........neway it ws gr8..u jang guem suk n yoona....i hop u wud play mny other dramas 2gether... i love the characters, the plot, the actors, cinematography, everything about this lovely. The story line, the actors, the scenery, the music, etc... Jang Geun Suk has gotten so much better at kissing (or was he always this good? I usually hate it when the couples in the dramas kiss by just touching lips. I like simpley and honestly face action ,now your action and director are very good so I like ,and then because my family were creasy korean movies show the time from T. :) Things i don't like that much (i don't call it "hate") 1. okay, okay i know that it started with them.can't help it! Your right, your having fun and you enjoy the company of the staff, we your fans and viewers can see it from your episodes. He can play an angelic boy for an instance; and then can gradually shift to an arrogant (but stylish) brat; while Yoona needs to hone her acting skills since she is a newbie. I was moved be the first episode i find it very unique and uncommon.. He is a very good actor i have watch most of his dramas and he portrait dif. T-T This is like a copy of the movie "The Classic"; Son Ye Jin was the lead in that movie.

The next day, In-Ha waits for her outside a campus building to return her diary. When im watching this drama it really feels me inlove, you know the feeling that your are giving your symphaty to those characters. Love Rain was one of the better dramas I have ever seen. I liked how they built the story in the 1970's and then flash forwarded to 2012. Not sure why my previous post was removed..Jang Seung-Suk's hair style in the 2012 segment is really irritating.....shaved on one side....short pony tail...on the other... The Story is good with the typical hidden real feelings and hurtful behaviour, broken promises....and over......deceipt...unrequited love.... all the things that make Korean dramas the best dramas made in the world today. #bestkoreandrama #mustwatch #loverain #3seconds JGS in very good actor. plus i like to add as what JGS said in an interview..