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The best way to do this is to delete the current one and then paste the wanted one in its place.

Vaults world will be phased out, to be replaced by Bottomless Chests Vaults world is going to be phased out, probably sometime in the next few months.

If Minecraft gets updated, you'll need to update your server before players with the new version can connect.

Luckily, updating your Minecraft server is fairly straightforward.

Best way to get the backup fully legal is just to create it by your own right after you downloaded the latest version: In the Minecraft Launcher, click "Options" and then click on the Path right behind "Game location on disk".

In addition, if you are using an "Intel HD Graphics" or "Intel HD Graphics 3000" chipset, see the instructions at the top of this page. Most Linux distributions provide a way to install drivers with its package manager.

It is highly recommended you use the distro's packages for drivers; not doing so can cause problems later! Most Apple computers come with built-in drivers and a graphics card that cannot be changed.

You can even save all of your old configuration files so that you don't need to adjust any settings in the new version.

Updating Minecraft for Play Station or Xbox Updating Minecraft for Windows or Mac Updating Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)Community Q&A Minecraft is supposed to update automatically, but bugs sometimes prevent the update from installing correctly.

For these reasons, there is no need to manually update your graphics drivers.

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  1. Do let me know in the comments if you manage to remove your card. Update January 2011: Updated instructions and screenshots again for’s October redesign.

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