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Outstanding interior spaces can also be specially designated as Landmarks. Read, a long-time Cambridge resident, was active as an architect in Boston from 1920 to ca.

Listing in the National Register provides more limited protection against demolition or adverse impact from Federal action and allows owners to take advantage of Federal income tax incentives for rehabilitation. 1970 and founded Edward Sears Read and Associates a firm that left Boston in 1973 and moved to IV'.alden, I/iass .

BOSTON PUBLIC LIBT^A ^ Y 1984 Survey & Planning Grant PART II - PARKER HILL/MISSION HILL Inventory Forms submitted August 30, 1985 to Massachusetts Historical Commission 'j Qj^ Mission Hill Medical Area B65L II 1985 Boston Landmarks Commission Boston Redevelopment Authority COVER PHOTO: St. View of east side of street, looking northeast from Calumet St.

Carol Kennedy Boston Landmarks Commission 1985 1984 Survey & Planning Grant PART II - PARKER HILL/MISSIOx N HILL Inventory Forms submitted August 30,1985 to Massachusetts Historical Commission ■ SIT) 'j Stl^ii' Mission Hill Medical Area j Rft5L II 1985 Boston Landmarks Commission Boston Redevelopment Authority COVER PHOTO: St. View of east side of street, Looking northeast from Cal-inec 3t Carol Keciaedy Boston Landtnarks Commission 1985 PARKER HILL/MISSION HILL INVENTORY FORMS Prepared by Rosalind Pollan Edward Gordan for THE BOSTON LANDMARKS COMMISSION August 1985 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE - PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT : (see separate volume) I.

Connelly, Chairman, * under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Originally known as Garden Street and probably laid out as part of the 1845 Highland Place subdivision of Parker Hill by mason Thomas C.

The local share of the project was provided by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the City of Boston Environment Department and Historic Boston, Incorporated. This firm is also veil repre sented by high quality 3-Ceckers in Highland Fark,? j Vait (see form for 1^5-7 Hillside Steet) and carpenter Greenleaf C.

* However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of the Interior, or the Massachusetts Historical Commission, nor does the mention of trade names of commercial products constitute endorsement of recommendation by the Department of the Interior, or the Massachusetts Historical Commission. METHODOLOGY General Procedures The Parker Hill/Mission Hill Preservation Study essentially consisted of three procedures: field survey, documentary research, and evaluation. By 189^ ^3,862 barrels the largest plants of its kind in as living at 62 Station St., near the St. u -7- ^ ray\^^^ M-i K/ I BOSTON LANDMARKS COMMISSION Building laformatioa Form Fonn No.

Buildings selected for inclusion in these forms were marked on a 400-scale map by black dots with accompanying notations of inventory form numbers. Building information forms are organized in a loose-leaf notebook and are further arranged alphabetically by street address. ^xic ^^/j a.\.j.a.^ oinj\;s thls house located closer to Parker St This house was moved back at som.e point ir the i SSO's that time Folsom Ave was set out. A division of Faine's cooperative bank, the ' orkingm Bns Building Assoc, , served as the central finance and planning agencyo This "cottagy''si;.bciv" had its roots in the vritings of A. This well as on the brewer"' ■;ro Derty-in 1*^70 3 Centra K? ft Boof ON LANDMARKS COMMISSION Building lafonnation Fonn Form No . iie^§7i|/'86 Boston Building Department: Building Packet — 123-7 Heath Street. Significance continued i — a syndicate which included the American (249A Heath Street), Continental, Franklin (see Jamaica Plain survey), Robinson (see Jaunaica Plain survey), Elmwood plants.

Parker Hill/Mission Hill was divided into the following sub-areas which were primarily determined by historic research and topographical divisions: Centre Street/Heath Street, Evergreen Street, Mission Hill Triangle, Parker Hill/Mission Hill North Slope, Parker Hill/ Mission Hill Triple Decker District, Round Hill Street/Sunnyside Street, Tremont Street. Recording and Evaluation Individual Buildings - Building Information Forms were completed for 198 individual structures, using the following criteria in the selection process (map IV): 1. Good examples of an architecutural style and/or type 3. These building Information Forms, which are numbered using a system adopted for all survey and inventory purposes in Boston (Appendix III), are also available for study at the Boston Landmarks Commission. to accom.acate h tenem.ents-At etc- r^^o^e, j Lv Jk -t^'N (Xli C ;itn-V"^ll. OF STORIES (1st to cornice) ROOF gable cupola -' "^.inelesf plus basement , attic dormers MATERIALS .(Frain ej I clapboards] shin glea stucco asphalt asbestos alum/vinyl (Other) Drick stone concrete iron/steel/alum. This house is part of a 100 let residential district developed cy Tost corporate lavyer/philanthropist Robert Treat Faine during the late 1^3 early. By this time, the Alley branch of Massachusetts Breweries had an annual pro- ductive capacity of 80,000 barrels.

INTRODUCTION Brief topographical history of Parker Hill/Mission Hill Review of Architectural Styles and Building Types Notable Areas of Development and Sub Area Maps II. 28, 1894 763-82--various BOSTON L-Jl NDMARKS COMMISSION Building Information Form Form No . ; Klmwootl Spring Urancli, 44 Kin^ St.; Kr^inkliii Branoli, 3175 Washington St.; llanley i V Ilrancli, 104 Ward St.!

METHODOLOGY General Procedures Evaluation - Recording Research III. Districts National Register of Historic Places Boston Landmarks District Architectural Conservation Districts B. is active as an vas also the Presi- of the Foxbury Higb , capacity architect until his death c.l96c . a\Jg^Mb^ra^ty9'^g-'&^ possibilities for public use and enjoyment, protection, utilities, context) a--^- ^^ SUB AREA i Oi C{£i\esuyrvo Uu Se- w'.

The investigation procedure followed these general stages: 1. BOSTON LANDMARKS COMMISSION EVALUATION OF SIGNIFICANCE SYSTEM with Criteria and Explanation of Groupings I. S ignificance continued ; donated a substantial sum for the construction of the first unit of the present nurses home located just down the hill at 220 Fisher Avenue. ^ --^ Area .^::i.r;-:3r rission :'lll ADDRESSi ^--'^, ,^ Folsor Ave . Otto Wolf, the architect of the Eblana Brewery has been credited as the designer of other local Roxbury plants including the 189^ Union Brewery on Terrace Street — only remaining building are its altered boiler house and stable, and the I896 Star Brewery on Shirley Street.