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At an early age in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he used to skate with his older brother Jesper, but the skating quickly stopped because Jesper had started a band, and they needed an extra guitarist.

Jacob learned in record time, and today he is a very experienced guitarist, and is also ...

The new Heathers are a more diverse bunch: Heather Chandler (newcomer Melanie Field) is proudly plus-size, Heather Mc Namara (Jasmine Matthews) is biracial and Heather Duke is gender-fluid (and played by male actor Brendan Scannell).

To update the looks for modern times, Binzer eschewed the original film’s preppy aesthetic for a bold, iconoclastic, even intimidating style.

claims Shifty's family never said a word about him being in the hospital -- and she had no idea until friends told her yesterday. Shifty's sister grabbed her arm and other family members cursed at her.

Jacob was born in 1966, on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.“Everyone looks kind of mousy compared to the Heathers,” says Binzer.“They stand out in every scene they’re in.” But Binzer does have a few surprises for die-hard fans of the film. “There are these subtle nods for the people who know the original.” Here, get to know the gang and their signature styles.“I grew up watching the original movie with my sisters nearly every day,” Aubrey Binzer, costume designer for the “Heathers” reboot, tells The Post, adding that clothes were a huge part of the film’s allure.The broad-shouldered power blazers, riotous colors and quirky accessories, worn by Ryder’s reluctantly popular Veronica and the three titular mean-girl Heathers, still inspire countless Halloween costumes and stylish high-school flicks to this day.

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