Black and white dating service

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They are quite happy to take advantage of other people or exploit their weaknesses for personal gain. At their worst, they get their narcissistic supplies from humiliating other people and destroying what others have built.They often fit the typical description of Toxic or Malignant Narcissists.Leaving aside for now the question of whether these fictional “Black Knights” were sometimes Psychopaths, rather than Narcissists; I would like to talk about how this analogy might apply to my Narcissistic clients.In this article, I am mainly discussing male Narcissists, but there are female versions of these pro-social and anti-social types who go by different names, such as the femme fatale, the Sirens in the Greek legends whose singing drew men to their doom, or the powerful pro-social Fairy Godmothers in Grimm’s fairytales. The White Knight Narcissist Many of my Narcissistic clients are pro-social.Of course, they want to get credit for their good deeds, but they also add a lot of value to the world around them.My Narcissistic clients who I am terming “Anti-Social” are basically “takers.” They are in it for themselves.He had a smile for everyone and was always ready to help a stranger with directions or his neighbor with a home project. Hal even worked at a “do-gooder” job where his main task was to convince rich donors to donate money to a program that helped poor children get extra tutoring with their homework and prepare them for college.

The Black Knight Narcissist When I first started my practice, I was not yet trained in the treatment of personality disorders.They take pleasure in other people's failures and enjoy other peoples’ unhappiness.Not only do they not add value to the world around them, but they often actively thwart other people’s efforts to improve things for everyone.Lately, I have been experimenting with looking at my Narcissistic clients through a new lens: Are they “pro-social” or are they “anti-social?” I am making this distinction based on three factors: My Narcissistic clients who I am terming “Pro-Social” are eager to help other people. These are the people who often lend their neighbors a helping hand getting their stuck garage door open or, if they are wealthy, they donate the money to build a new wing for the local pediatric hospital.

Left to their own devices, they would spend their session complaining about me and the people in their life.