Business networking speed dating fun dating ideas atlanta

Posted by / 30-Apr-2020 14:43

As an experienced speed networking event planner, I have seen many corporate groups benefit from implementing this dynamic, morale-boosting, productivity-enhancing tool!Getting to know colleagues at every level of an organization — from the mail room to the boardroom — and understanding the complex interplay between departments provides employees with a sense of working toward a larger purpose, a corporate culture of transparency and sincerity, and an enhanced feeling of camaraderie.

It saves both parties money and effort in their search for business partners.

Proven to be more effective than traditional networking methods, speed networkers can develop more contacts in one event than most business people do in five months.

It’s a uniquely structured, targeted, low pressure form of networking.

It’s low-risk, it’s low-cost and there is always the chance that you might meet someone that is a great fit for you.

The dating world may not be so different from the business world.