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The persistent academic argument concerning early voyages to the New World ends with an examination of the cartographic evidence.

Maps that have been preserved in the collections of such distinguished archives as the Louvre (in Paris), the British Museum, and the Library of Congress are sufficient to prove that ancient seafarers as far back as the Roman Empire engaged in regular voyages to Ancient America.

Similar chopping tools (called adzes) used the same kinds of bronze blades in regions such as Egypt and Greece that obtained tools from Phoenicians as did the ancient natives of Mexico and Peru (bottom panels).

Eratosthenes’ Map extended the land-mass of Asia towards the east in about 194 BC.

By 1500 BC, the New World plant was featured on temple murals at Deir al-Bahri near Thebes.

For additional examples of New World maize in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and literary as well as Internet sources see: Gunnar Thompson, Ancient Egyptian Maize, Misty Isles Press/(2010).

Indo-Sumerian and Chinese legends about transoceanic voyaging date back as far as 3000 BC. New World maize (or “Indian corn”) shows up in the archeological record of Egypt dating as far back in time as 3000 BC.

All the world’s peoples (and all religions) played a role in the past; and together we must build the pathway into the future.This is an early representation of the Gulf of Mexico – where merchants obtained pineapples, corn, turkeys, pumpkins, chili peppers, gold, dyewood, tobacco, and other drugs.They brought in exchange iron tools, hemp rope, wine, oil, and textiles.By 50,000 BC, the aboriginal peoples of Indonesia sailed rafts to Australia; and maritime hunters from Siberia paddled or sailed dugout canoes along the coastal isles of Alaska, California, and Mexico.Some brazen hunters reached South America by 30,000 BC.

The beauty of the ancient maps is that they contain precise details called “Diagnostic Geographical Markers.” These “markers” serve the same function as fingerprints found at a crime scene.