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Learn how the Czech Parliamentary system works and meet face to face with Czech politicians.

An ideal opportunity for political or business inclined people who wish to face challenges that will push their abilities to the next level.In January 2018, the Chinese company Vivo announced the X20 Plus UD, a smartphone featuring Synaptics’ Clear ID optical fingerprint sensor.This was the world’s first full-production smartphone with fingerprint authentication directly in the OLED display.Since its founding in 1986, the company's notable innovations include the first ever computer touchpad, touch technology for the click wheel on the classic i Pod, touch sensors used in numerous Android phones, Touch and Display Driver Integrated chips, and biometrics technology for fingerprint sensors.All touch and fingerprint technology was based on capacitive sensing up until the introduction of optical fingerprint sensing in late 2016.

Few cities in the world can match Dubai’s development pace or potential.

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