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Some of the other original founding fathers of the crips were Anglo Barefoot Pookie White, Melvin Hardy, Bennie Simpson, Greg Batman Davis, Jimel The God father Barnes, Raymond Cook, Ecky, Michael Christianson, Michael Shaft Concepcion, Mack Thomas and No 1. Some people believe the origin of the color is from the school colors of Washington High School in South L. Other believe they started wearing blue because of "Buddha", who always wore blue shirts, khakis, shoes, and a blue bandana from his left pocket, which is why Crips flag out the left side. cause crips go 2 heaven cause our blue is tru and slobks go to heall cause their red is deadwhy do you wear your flag to the left? the blue devil on my shoulderswhats in your closet? When Buddha died, Tookie made blue the Crip color in honor of his death. so it can be close to your heartwhy are the clouds white? a blue boogie manwhat do you do when u reach davids castle? Cùng học hỏi những tuyệt chiêunuôi dưỡng làn da không tuổi bằng nước gạo của các cô gái Nhật nhé. The Crips are an alliance of individual street gangs. Turn on your webcam and create your own video show, get all stunned, gain points and prizes, and get evaluated by other participants. Rate the talent of other members and demonstrate your own talent. And if you don’t like someone – push them out of your way with your Superpowers!!The Crips street gang alliance originated in Los Angeles, California. They are mainly identified by the color blue which is worn proudly by their members.

The Shotgun Crips are in Gardena, California and have been known to wear green, the city color of Gardena, in addition to blue to show that they are from Gardena. 65 cents,3bones and a pacc of camel matcheswhats under your hat? take 6 steps up stacc your set, stacc who you are, stacc a C throw down a bwhat do you do when you meet sheeba?

Each Crip gang has significant differences, such as hand signs and colors.

The Crips street gang alliance has significantly branched out of California and spread throughout the majority of the United States.

Just turn on your webcam - and get the heap of positive emotions and good mood right now! Sign up now and join the ranks of those already enjoys spending time on You can do without one too: just imagine – they can’t see you spying on them.

Imagine that you can communicate with people from all over the world! Try free video chat without registration, and if suddenly you get tired of the camera, you can just turn it off and watch what other do! Do you still send messages seeing only somebody's photo? Be part of a fun crowd of people from all over the world.

All other Hoovers are now known as Hoover Criminals and use orange and blue as their colors. Z=NUMBERS1 = I STAND ALONE.2 = FOR DA DUECES.3 = FOR THA TRAYS.4 = FOR MY UNTIY STAR.5 = FOR THA SLO8S I GOT.6 = IS FOR MY LOVE, N MY FOLLOWINGS.7 = IS A BAD NUMBER CUZ IM NEVER LUCCY.8 = FOR MY 8 BALL.9 = FOR MY STAGES OF GANGXTA.10 = FOR THA SETS OF SLO8S I KILLEDPoints Putting in work ranges from: wall banging,contesting territory getting money by any means neccesary. the work you put in will go by points system amd must be wittnessed by 2 or more other members,the point system will be as followed. hoover's son aka peter paul, david and sheeba's daughter Pamelawho broke the champagne glass? true blue2.gangsta gray3.grapestreet purple4.hoover orange5.fudgetown brown OATH: IN 69 CRIP WAS STARTED WE STAND STRONG FROM DA NORTH TO DA SOUTH, EAST TO DA WEST, I PROMISE I WILL DO MY BEST I WILL NEVER DENY ALWAYS RIDE TO MY NEST TILL THEN DAVID WILL HAVE MY BEST. A SHOT GUN 2 STRIPS OF BACON A CAN OF SLOBK AND A RED FLAG5.

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