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Often times, schools and workplaces put network restrictions in place to keep employees focused and on task.

That’s all fine and good if you never need to keep up with an e Bay option, or check your Facebook, or even just engage in a little shameless time-killing.

This has the added perk of protecting your anonymity.

All of your content and internet activity is impossible to trace back to you, and you bypass content restrictions entirely.

It means that the server you’re requesting data from knows your rough location, and is limiting your access accordingly. When you try to access a website, the server sees your IP address, which gives them your rough geographic location (usually in proximity to the nearest major city), and gives you access to content accordingly.

It’s how the internet knows to provide you with content in English, or advertisements to certain local services.

The easiest way to get around content filters and access blocked websites is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

But we’re all human, and restricted networks, more often than not, are just a total pain.

Even more frustrating, many countries actually have nationwide bans on certain content, restricting your access to sites like Facebook and Google.

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For instance, the internet censorship that China is famous for is known as geo-restricting, and it basically means that so long as you’re in that country, you won’t have access to that content.

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