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Often common gunmen, hoodlums, and adventurers were hired to fill these commissions and they served their own interests by causing the violence and terror that gave them office.The turning point came in 1902 with what became known as The Great Anthracite Strike. The violence disrupted the peace of seven counties and caused a nationwide coal shortage, driving up the price of anthracite coal.Patrol zones were established and owners of telephones along the patrol zones were given steel discs or flags to indicate a telephone message (flag stop).Motorcycle patrols, seeing a flag stop displayed, would interrupt their patrol activity to telephone their Station for assignments.Pennsylvania's coal fields, iron mills, and timber forests played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution.Pennsylvania changed in the late 1800s from a largely agricultural State into a complex industrial center.For one dollar each, the State sold to the mine and steel mill owners, commissions conferring police power upon whomever the owners selected.

The temporary school was closed in the summer of 1923.

By 1900, it found itself torn by bitter disputes between managers and the laborers they employed.

Violence became common in the new communities that sprang up around the coal fields, iron mills, textile factories, and railroad yards.

By the turn of the century, it was evident that the town constables, sheriffs, and similar local officials, who had been adequate to keep the peace in more stable times, were unable to cope with the new populations and the violent labor troubles of the times.

To provide themselves protection that the Commonwealth did not provide, the coal and steel operators persuaded the State Legislature to authorize the creation of what became the infamous Coal and Iron Police.

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