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Glenn is looking forward to working with CMGC and making this change successful.Coast to Coast is a partnership owned by Rogers Communications and the major Canadian Magazine wholesalers. is a major National Distributor representing approximately 50% of US publishing volume in Canada. For more information contact Dan Shapiro: [email protected] Jay Felts: [email protected] set to hit newsstands May 28th, 2018.

Dan Shapiro, Managing Director of CTC, expressed his sincere thanks to all the great CTC associates that have worked so diligently over the years to make CTC the leading National Distributor for Canadian publications.

Plus, 5 of 6 issues were up from prior year, and overall sales were up 12%. I’m not sure who that child is, but it sure isn’t Sarah Jessica Parker.

features a “celebrity cover” with Amber Marshall of TV Show Heartland fame. It’s hard to succeed when your covers fight against you.

“I’m disappointed that CTC will not be carrying on after January 1, 2019, but am gratified that our clients will continue to receive expert quality service through CMGC.

Continuous sales declines throughout our entire eco system put the sustainability of CTC in jeopardy.” Glenn Morgan, President of CTC, will continue in his current role after the acquisition, which will help to ensure a smooth transition for CTC clients.

In a Press Release this morning, it was announced that Coast to Coast is being sold to Comag, a U.