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While there are over 3,800 animal shelters in America, there are only 1,500 shelters for victims of domestic violence.These numbers paint a stark picture of the reality that battered women face every day in this country.

Opt for sensitive or fragrance-free options as many kids have allergies, and not everyone enjoys heavily-scented detergents.

For more information, contact Al Garcia, MSW by email at [email protected] telephone (213) 202-3970.

The website for United American Indian Involvement is .

In addition, 62% of those girls reported to have been pregnant by the 12th grade.

The problem is addressed after it occurs and not prevented before it happens.

Hot Stiletto’s community outreach not only raise funds for those that are directly affected by abuse, but also provides hands on volunteer opportunities by interacting with those housed in domestic violence shelters offering on site chair massages, manicures, makeovers, karaoke, photo shoots, and more.

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