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It’s somewhat like trying to find Waldo in a sea of Waldos. Putting it into words would be like me telling you to eat a pizza with no cheese or sauce. I’m not saying this applies to all men or that you won’t find a half-naked-selfie guy who doesn’t want you to boost his ego daily; but this has been my experience. Another sign was when their picture looked straight out of a magazine—and they only had one.When asked for regular pictures that don’t look like a professional model shoot, they’d clam up.The tension in online dating falls between what will happen.You will possibly fall deeply in love You will probably have one encounter with this person, not feel incredibly drawn to him, and never see him again.Then, about an hour into our date, he asked me if knew what a Price Albert was. At the end of every date I would go home, take off my shoes and my bra, fire up my DVR, and exhale. Worse than a job, actually, because at work you’re guaranteed payment. One date in 71 was with a man who was my husband, but by then I had gone on 70 online dates so even when everything was going really well, when we were making out in a damn gazebo like it was the Sound of Music, I was skeptical. Use these moments to stop yourself from burning out or getting so cynical that when your future husband tells you that he’d like to see you again you smile while thinking, “Yeah, sure, we’ll see.” 4) Stop thinking of online dates as dates.

I’m serious—all the men I’ve dated so far were great. I’m tired of getting my hopes up, or trying to keep my expectations low.

At one point I actually began to rethink my divorce—and divorce in general, if this is what the dating world has come to.

A friend turned me onto online dating when I noticed that guys seem more fearful of rejection and typically don’t ask women out as much as they did in my younger days.

I met some great guys here and there, but there were more weird and crazy experiences than anything else.

I tried one dating site, then another and probably about one or two more after that. The hours I was putting into this online dating thing were equal to a part-time job; and it like a job, juggling all these guys I was trying to talk to. Technically we weren’t “dating” if we were still talking and getting to know each other.

The best line was “I am out of the country on business.”—it was always the same damn country, too.

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