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"It also suggests it was used by a professional machinist who would have wrapped cloth around the arm to stash pins." What It's Worth: 0This plastic camera was produced in the USA from 1956 to 1972 by Shaw-Harrison Corporation.Named the Sabre 620 for its use of 620 millimeter film, it was bright, cute, and incredibly easy to use.A home cook would have filled the mold with chopped meat or fruit, plus suet, flour, and spices, and then secured the lid with twine and placed the whole thing in boiling water or an oven.The bowl's hollow center tube ensured rapid, even heat distribution, resulting in a uniform pudding consistency.The short-lived style (it fizzled by 1910) earned the name "Crazy Quilts." "This example has some striking details from the quilter, like the bird, flowers, and the Good Luck motto," notes Marsha."It appears the back has been replaced with a more modern fabric and the edges resewn.

What It's Worth: ,000The serial number, G3008402, reveals this machine was made in 1913 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

In great shape, this coat snags an appraisal more than double its consignment-shop price.

What It's Worth: 0This earthenware pot—by Grimwades Ltd., a British ceramics firm founded in 1885 and still in business today—was created for the purpose of steaming or baking puddings, both sweet and savory.

By the mid-1910s, however, a new side-loading design with interior blades—similar to what most of us picture when we think of a mechanical sharpener—hit the scene, quickly eclipsing APSCO's model.

This desk accessory sold for .50 a century ago; now it reels in 100 times that.

This Singer 66 model was one of 50,000 such machines produced from 1910 to 1920.