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Posted by / 30-Jul-2020 18:26

The best boyfriends are almost competitive about impressing you.

He’ll want to do more and more things that turn you on, or spoil you crazy on an anniversary to show you just how much more he loves you than you love him.

But then I realized: it can only be a constructive and useful exercise to talk about how the best men ought to behave in relationships.

I don’t want to patronize anyone here by assuming you don’t know a good guy from a creep or a selfish a**hole when you see one.

But let me know what creative names you find for divorced men.

Stephen Hussey I’ve spoken many times in these blogs about what makes a high value woman.

He might not like the “damsel in constant distress”, but the “damsel having an occasional freak out” will make him drive all night like a knight riding to save a princess. He’s strong, and that means he doesn’t put up with draining people in his life. High value guys limit the amount of time they spend wallowing in self-pity after a setback. But then he’ll be back on his feet and fighting to get a grip again.He won’t get insecure because you happen to be a lawyer or have a Ph D, nor will he fret about your substantial paycheck.He doesn’t measure his life in competition with yours, because (would you believe it?I have a few funny names I call a man who’d divorce but I should probably keep them to myself.Some of these names probably shouldn’t be put into print.

And I’ve realized the ones I truly respect, that is, those I would recommend to women as great boyfriend material, all share certain traits in common.

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