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We're not going to lie to you guys, 2017 was a real whirlwind year!

Most days, we didn't know our ass from our elbow when it came to dating.

Below you'll find the most outrageous, dangerous, and downright weird dating trends from the past 365. A Beginner's Guide To Safe Sex: Understanding Male Contraceptive Methods. We Asked 7 Models To Tell Us A Bunch Of Stuff Guys Should Know.

'Slammed with work' is an imaginary phrase, especially when work involves outings with the whole squad which later end up all over Snapchat and Instagram (WTF is your job? I’ve always wanted to storm out dramatically, turning back briefly to say 'Don’t call me when you're lonely'".

Jamie Leigh Thornton: "The most attractive asset a guy can have, to me, is fashion sense and a pretty smile.

So, if he has those two things, he's already got my attention! If there isn’t, I’ll know he’s just telling me what he thinks I want to hear." : How Important Is Good Sex In A Relationship?

I believe he makes me a better woman, model, entrepreneur and overall human being.

To men, make sure that if you want a good woman, that you, yourself, are a good man.

Below you'll find the best of the best from all the ladies we've worked with these past 365 days.

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