Dating an au pair and

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Since the D2 lay seemed unlikely, I was going to run two venues: a coffee shop and a pub, using the Daygame Mastery escalation ladder.I’ve found that ladder to work better than my own one when I think the dating will be slower.It was warm enough so we sat outside, and in almost comical fashion she used the shade my head cast to shield her eyes from the low winter sun. It’s fine if you can sit outside, but inside all the seats are in a line so you can’t get her on your 10/2 as you’d like to.

A few minutes in I went into the escalation ladder, finding out about how she wanted to move to London and teach English or German as a language.I placed her on the K side of the R/K spectrum since the stories she told me didn’t have much rebellious oomph behind them.I think the first venue is about being the immovable object rather than the irresistible force so while my mouth could blather on about unimportant topics, I focused on relaxing (or appearing relaxed): breathing slowly, leaning back, and giving strong eye contact.I’ll settle on a format as I go along and in the end it will resemble the extended breakdowns I do for my lay reports.We were supposed to meet on Tuesday evening but some sort of urgent event happened in her host family leaving her unavailable.

I would only go for the kiss if I felt that she was accepting the escalation well.

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