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uh, doorman, who imposes his own taste on the clientèle.There is a regular, for example, who doesn’t have to stand in line for a once-over. If you’re one of the chosen few (and it’s best to go with a regular), you’ll undoubtedly see women wearing some of the sexiest and most expensive underwear designed anywhere and I’m not referring to Carter’s Spanky pants. Don’t get the impression that everyone is participating and exchanging partners.Don’t be shocked if you bump into members of the French Parliament—that is, if you recognize him or her wearing something other than a suit and tie with a (perhaps) In other words, people from every stratum of social and economic life participate and don’t feel the need to hide.“It’s become a leisure activity, like going to the theatre or the cinema,” says Alain Plumey, curator of Paris’s located at 1, rue Therese in the 1ème, it is very difficult to get by the bouncer…

Echangisme, or wife-swapping in France, was once the preserve of bourgeois elites and middle-aged couples bored with their sex lives.He checks his coat and personal belongings and heads down the winding stairs (one does make an entrance) and can do whatever consensual adults… You can’t help wondering whether or not business (and I don’t mean funny business) is occasionally transacted. Some people are there simply to watch because they find it erotic and exotic.Other people are quick to say that a night spent in these clubs adds a bit of spice to their marriages.In all cases, they are very expensive—and you’ll do better to have something before you go, though maybe going on a full stomach is not the best idea. Some are for couples only while others permit unaccompanied men on certain nights if they pay a premium for admission. Others have theme nights that vary from the unusual dress codes to exploring different sexual preferences.Some clubs cater to homosexual clients while there are others where anything goes – literally.

If second sex follows the first, so begins a full-blown relationship.

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