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GBD introduced new shapes and dropped shapesalmost every year it seems (an exaggeration, I'm sure), so if you had alot of shape charts, you might be able to find a range"I am in the process of restoring an older GBD, The shank is Stamped GBD inside an oval. Over the years it has log several miles, but the condition is quite good.

Never researched the age."There's a story behind every Bowl"[img][/img][img][/img]Hello Mick and all other brothers, I'm really glad you brought up this topic. Pete, the silver rondelle on the shank & its age suggest it is from the pre-Comoy merger era i.e.

Brand created in 1850 in Paris by Ganneval, Bondier and Donninger. Sometime in the 1970s Cadogan company (Oppenheimer group) took over GBD.

It needs a new stem and some of the paint has chipped off. This may help if you have not seen it already: pipedia probably has some info.

Edit - a relevant passage from the above quoted linky:"Dating GBD's is difficult.

On older pieces with hallmarked silverbands, one can look up the hallmark.

Once GBD and Comoy's became one,the linear "Made in England" stamp became the round "Made in London England" stamp used on all later Comoys. All the way through the 1960'sand early 1970's, some pipes were ftted with moulded stems, while otherswere hand-cut.

Donninger was an Austrian or Swiss and had worked in Vienna, the world's center of the Meerschaum pipe. Hence the property of GBD and therewith the company's official name changed several times.

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