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started posting news about the Pentastar V6 in 2006, four years before its official release.

The Phoenix engines were first discussed by Allpar member "superduckie" way back in March 2006.

Mopar Norm wrote that the 3.2, used only on the Jeep Cherokee, was created by changing the thickness of the cylinder liner; this means there can be a single block, but the 3.2 can still have, effectively, a smaller bore.

The piston, rings, valves, and heads will change, and the 3.2 will have smaller journals, increasing gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance. It comes in at 198 cid — the same displacement as the mid-range slant six — and has a compression ratio of 10.7:1.

Some believe now that the company is at the initial stages of planning a new series of V8s, perhaps combining technologies from the Pentastar and GME four-cylinders.

Direct injection has been delayed, and is not expected until calendar years 2017-2018.

A December 2011 financial report from Chrysler noted that the Pentastar had an “architecture for downsized displacement, direct injection, turbo charging, and Multi Air.” So far, none but the 3.0 liter variant has been seen.

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