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England, too, has contributed her worthy in Wilkinson, the genial observer and student of the ancient paintings. — An asterisk (*) attached to a hieroglyph in the text signifies that the printed form is inexact reference should be made to the plates or to the corrections on p. The upper range is immediately below a bed of hard chert, and the great tombs in it are reached by a pathway leading from the plain, up the slope formed by the debris from the cliff above. These three pioneers were supported by the Governments of France, Tuscany, and Prussia, and their labours are enshrined in most magnificent and costly folios. The tombs are excavated in two ranges about half-way up the hill, being cut in thick strata of fine white limestone. 8, 13, &c, or in the form of a roof of very flat pitch, the ridge corresponding with the axis of the tomb, as in Nos. The remaining plates of paintings and inscriptions have been reproduced from full-sized tracings or hand copies made on the spot. The Survey party sent out by the Committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund, and comprising Mr. It was at first intended that all the materials thus collected at Beni Hasan (excluding only the coloured facsimiles) should be published together in one volume, but the quantity was found to be so great that it was decided to issue them in two parts. The frontispiece is taken from a water-colour drawing kindly lent by Mr. Among these he must mention the late Honorary Secretary of the Fund, Miss Amelia B. Fraser, myself, and our servants, reached Beni Hasan on the 25th November, 1890. In all there are thirty-nine tombs at Beni Hasan : the first fourteen (counting from the north) are illustrated in the present memoir ; the remaining twenty-five will appear in Beni Hasan, Part II. Fraser, which have been checked, so far as it was possible to do so, by Mr. Apparently finished, but with no paintings or inscriptions. No main chamber, paintings, inscriptions, or graffiti. Yet the existence of three hitherto unnoticed tombs was thereby for the first time made known to science, a large quantity of unpublished scenes and inscriptions were copied, and concurrently many errors were detected in the published texts. The remaining plates are reductions by photo-lithography from full-sized tracings or from hand copies made by the writer. They can hardly be contemporary, as, except in the metropolis, two families of overpowering importance would not exist in the same place. If reference be again made to the survey given in PI. This not being symmetrical, clearly shows that the engineer was cramped for space, owing to the presence of No. From the relative positions, therefore, of Tombs No. We can now proceed a few steps farther in dating the remaining tombs. 17, according to the inscriptions, was hewn for a son of the owner of Tomb No. In order to know exactly what had been previously done, I examined all the published matter referring to these tombs as well as the manuscript copies of the inscriptions and scenes made by Burton, Champollion, Rosellini, Hay, Nestor de l'Hote, and Sir Gardner Wilkinson. The phototypes are reproduced from negatives taken by Mr. Many of those through whose early support the Survey was made possible, will probably ask why this memoir has not been issued sooner : why, in fact, it should have taken more than two years to prepare. must plead in reply that it is impossible to gather (and much less digest) materials of this kind without an ample allowance of time, and he ought also to point out that there have been several hitches during the progress of the work. ii., it will be seen that the oldest of the dated tombs (No.

The main chamber is unfinished, but was designed to contain three aisles of nearly equal width with curved roofs. Of these, the collection of Hay, consisting of innumerable drawings, tracings, and extracts, with plans, have been found to be the most accurate and valuable. Fraser, and the coloured plates from water-colour drawings made by Mr. The beginning also of an undertaking of this kind is always attended with many difficulties, and it is hoped that in future there will be no delay in the issue of succeeding memoirs. 14) is situated at the extreme northern end of the southern group, and that it is probably later than its southern neighbour is shown by its plan (see PI. About the year 1830 complete copies of the Tombs 2 and 3 (excepting the shrines) were made by his practised hand, aided by the camera lucida, and reproductions of them were coloured under his guidance by a French artist : much has thus been recorded that is now faded and indecipherable. 3, several of the scenes published in the present volume have necessarily been derived from this excellent source. Howard Carter were therefore commissioned to complete the collection of coloured facsimiles, and now at length our task has been accomplished. In conclusion, the author must thank many friends who have helped him since his appointment on the staff of the Egypt Exploration Fund, and who have sympathized with him in the difficulties which he has had to overcome. Stuart Poole, to whom the present volume is inscribed ; Mr. Unfinished, a portico in antis which con- sisted of two octagonal columns and curved ceiling. Tomb of the royal scribe Chnemhotep (vide detailed description, p.

The published records of the Archaeological Survey of Egypt commence with this volume. Gebel Beni Hasan, " the Hill of Beni Hasan," in which the tombs are excavated, is a link in the long chain of cliffs which bound the eastern edge of the Nile valley. The tombs of the upper range are all exca- vated in the mountain side (see sections on PI. For more detailed information on the architecture, see the " List of Tombs " on p.

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