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The theory that adultery is "natural" for men, fulfilling their Darwinian need to spread their seed, has been around a long time.But the connection women look for when having affairs may have evolutionary roots as well.Using another partner to transition out of a bad marriage is one of the common reasons women have affairs."They are on a sinking ship and use it as a life raft because they don't want to just jump into the cold water," Reilly says.Another common reason is a cry for help in the marriage.

56% of men who had affairs were happy in their marriage."Women who slept around collected more meat, protection, and resources from their lovers," Fisher says."She might even have an extra child to create more genetic variety in her lineage; if some children die, others will live on." That theory is controversial and can’t be proven or disproven eons later."People have affairs because they are looking for something," Reilly says.Although she sees a number of couples grappling with infidelity, "more people come to me [before it happens] because they want to save their marriage." Women are also less likely than men to have an affair that "just happens," because they tend to think longer and harder about the situation, experts say.

Women, she says, tend to have an emotional connection with their lover and are more likely to have an affair because of loneliness.

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