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And this society is still traditional enough for the concept of love in its purest form to flourish.

I do believe the evil of caste does help this love to come into the open.

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Nepal is a unique online matrimonial - dating site dedicated to Nepalese living all over the world.

He took me to a bush, and said “this is the bush where men go and that bush over there is where ladies go. Anyway, I found for myself a portion of the bush that wasn’t soiled, pulled down my pants and eased my bowels.

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Living in Nepal these last fifteen or so months has been an eye opening experience for me.

It has changed my concepts of love, of dating, and of marriage. I used to think it was all fairy tale stuff, but somehow, I now believe in the myth of true and pure love – the kind they sing about on the radio and play out in the essentially a documentary about dating, love and marriage in Hindu societies, with specific focus on Nepal.

I hear the lover came as he was fleeing for his life.

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My bowels were nearly bursting and I was farting a lot.

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