Dating poems

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A number of other ancient languages also used quantitative metre, such as Sanskrit and Classical Arabic (but not Biblical Hebrew).

Finally, non-stressed languages that have little or no differentiation of syllable length, such as French or Chinese, base their verses on the number of syllables only.

in iambic pentameters, usually every even-numbered syllable).Poetry is one of the most sincere ways to express your feelings.Romantic poetry, whether previously published or written for someone you love, feeds our soul.(Within linguistics, "prosody" is used in a more general sense that includes not only poetic metre but also the rhythmic aspects of prose, whether formal or informal, that vary from language to language, and sometimes between poetic traditions.) An assortment of features can be identified when classifying poetry and its metre.The metre of most poetry of the Western world and elsewhere is based on patterns of syllables of particular types.

Through the use of the senses, poets expressed their love for their universe.