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Thanks to Jennie’s one-page profile her positive reputation precedes her and the things that are important to Jennie are kept at the centre of everything that she does.

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It has put her in the driving seat to make more choices in her life.

Jennie even used her one-page profile to show to prospective support staff when she was picking her team for her new flat.

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The one-page profiles she has used over the years have helped her todo this by communicating what is important to her and how people can support her to do what makes her happy and healthy. Jennie’s first one-page profile was used as a ‘top tips’ for everyone in her life to get to know her better, provide consistency in support and communicate with Jennie in the way that was best for her.At the time, Jennie wasn’t able to dictate much verbally but her voice ran throughout and we produced the one-page profile using our in-depth knowledge of what was important to her and how best to support her by closely watching her behaviour and what it was telling us.It was shared with the rest of her family and everyone who supported her as well as teachers, social workers, doctors, coaches, instructors and even her hairdresser!o Having butterfly kisses and hugs when Jennie initiates. o Spending time with family at weekends and seeing them some evenings for tea. Being in control of what happens in her flat and Jen choosing what she does.o To be listened to and have people respond to what Jennie says. o Visiting places like Chester Zoo, museums, theatre trips, cinema, the seaside, farms etc at least once a week.

Most people outside of her family were paid to be in her life.