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Then I used other CD’s and cases as display pieces all over the house.I have been asking Justin to give me a guitar lesson forever, but LIFE always gets in the way. He showed me how to hold my hands and taught me quite a few cords.I know not everyone has a free guitar lesson at their disposal, but you can always play a friendly VS game of Guitar Hero or break out the mike and sing Karaoke.Maybe a neighbor or friend would give a free instrument lesson. We thought is would be fun to make a ROCK ‘n’ ROLL ROMANCE PLAY-LIST, so that we could both have some of our favorite songs all in one place, and be reminded of our fun date.

Then I met Justin and not only did he love all the same bands I did, he introduced me to sooooo many more. I left this AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT printout on his bathroom mirror, so it would be the first thing he saw in the morning. You will be MORE than concert ready with an outfit like this!We have recently teamed up with a very talented digital scrapbooking designer, Colette from “My Computer Is My Canvas“. Dressing the part is always the most fun part of the date for me. So I grabbed my flannel shirt ( a little Kurt Cobain-esque), my AC/DC t-shirt, some ripped jeans, and some rockin’ boots, and I was ready to ROCK OUT! I wanted to make sure the stage was set so I took out our CD’s ( you know those things you used to use before you had an I-Pod).You will defintely be seeing more of her work in the future! She did such a great job, my husband loved it, and so did I! So I sent him some LOVEY…some RACY lyrics from songs we both like. We had a little competition to see who could come up with better lyrics. You can find lyrics on the Internet, make up your own lyrics, or grab your CD’s and find something fun to send your hubby’s way. I took the covers out of the cases and made a fun wall decoration. I have a great sense of humour and i am easy going.I like watching live bands,bellydancing, horror movies and listening to rock music.

I like the site and they are very personal and will email you back ASAP if you have questions for them.

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