Dating round bottom bottles

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The ball, to be made in a two piece mold, was to be hollow and elastic enough to squeeze into the bottle neck.

Sealing the bottle was to be accomplished by inserting an instrument which would grab the ball and upon withdrawing the instrument from the bottle, the ball would be tightly wedged in the neck of the bottle, staying without the aid of internal pressure.

They proposed that a bottle filled with liquid was to use a ball as an internal valve.

They also indicated their stopper would be particularly recommended for bottling beer or other fermentable substances.

They claimed that with a little practice bottles could be filled and stopped with great certainty.

(fig 4) This lipping tool he describes as being similar to the ordinary tongs used to form the mouths of bottles except that when inserted into the mouth of the still molten bottle, the projections on the tongs form a groove around the interior of the mouth.

Now the bottle was to be formed in the following manner: : A bubble of glass is first blown and is roughly reduced to the desired form by rolling and pressing it upon a stone.

Eight years later, across the Atlantic Ocean, on November 24, 1870 Hiram Codd registered his own idea with the British Patent Office for a bottle with a marble stopper. His own invention cleverly used methods similar to those described above except his ball was made of glass and seated against a rubber gasket in the mouth of the bottle.

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