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Posted by / 14-Jun-2020 09:44

The Messenger chat app is gaining a M Translations feature in the coming weeks that will offer real-time translation for buyers and sellers in Marketplace who speak different languages.The feature launches with English-to-Spanish translations first.The Facebook app is adding a dating feature that's aimed at helping you find long-term partners — not hook-ups a la Tinder, more than one Facebook executive emphasized — who share your interests.

Users might find it creepy to do it all in one app.And if they get burned by a bad experience either in the dating chat or offline, they could blame Facebook.Still, as Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox explained, dating was always a natural fit for Facebook thanks to its ubiquity, data and trusted platform for identity.The resulting image will give special focus to people and objects, not unlike a photo with enhanced portrait effects.Other Facebook enhancements include a new Groups tab for the Facebook app, which will help you manage the groups you belong to and discover new ones that match your interests, and the ability to share from other apps into the Stories feature on Facebook and Instagram.

"If we're focused on helping build meaningful relationships, this is the most meaningful of all," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, addressing a convention hall full of Facebook developers at the company's annual F8 conference today (May 1).