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St Aldates · Oxford City The historic street of St Aldate’s leads south from the epicentre that is Carfax.

This embroiderment subsumed most of the original Norman work.The first section of this page shows City Branch towers which hold a ringing practice on a regular basis. Given are the number of bells and the weight and musical note of the tenor (heaviest bell), as found in Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers.Look out for the MP3 audio clips, which allow you to hear most of the practising towers ring.The /- figure after the note gives the measured number of cents above or below that value (100 cents = 1 semi-tone).Because bells are unlikely to have been tuned to an equally tempered scale, deviation from the exact note does not necessarily indicate the bell is out of tune.

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In the manner of Sharpe, a slash ( / ) in the inscription indicates a new line in the text or a change to a new side of the bell.

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