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DAT declined to comment for the story, but carriers and brokers told TT that Amazon Logistics has posted fewer than five loads since last October.

All the freight was sent from or delivered to Hebron, Ky., where owns six fulfillment centers.

However, Jindel believes gradually will control more of its supply chain rather than using third parties.

Without a regulation mandating testing, which would have needed approval from Congress, regulators couldn't cite trucking companies or railroads if a truck or train crashed because the operator fell asleep at the helm.Some severe cases require surgery."It's very hard to argue that people aren't being put at risk," said Sarah Feinberg, the former administrator of the FRA, who had issued the safety advisory in December."We cannot have someone who is in that condition operating either a train going 70 mph or operating a multi-ton truck traveling down the interstate.Marc Willis, a spokesman for the FRA, said the agency sought information from the public about sleep apnea and "believes that current railroad and FRA safety programs sufficiently address this risk."Feinberg said that isn't sufficient and the government shouldn't rely on industries regulating themselves.A notice posted in the Federal Register said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration would consider updating a 2015 bulletin to medical examiners about the physical qualifications standard and respiratory dysfunction.

Duane De Bruyne, a spokesman for the agency, declined to answer questions about the NTSB's concerns.