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My Space was bought for million by advertising network Specific Media, and Justin Timberlake took ownership stake. The site gained a million new followers in February 2012.Second Life's online virtual world was developed in 2003 by Linden Lab.From chat rooms to the ubiqutous AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), AOL was the center of online activity.The company acquired one of the dominant desktop browsers (Netscape), the leading streaming music and MP3 services (Win Amp) and was the king of Web 1.0.Other formerly popular networks received the necessary monetary backing, but were inhibited by the corporation that had acquired them — and some went on to morph the company into something broader than just social networking.

The My Space team and its resources were supported by e Universe.

The site could hardly keep up with demand, and had trouble serving web pages. Friendster shifted in 2011 to focus on its expansion in Asia, and is now a social gaming site.

Today, more than 90% of new users are based in Asia, and monthly users have increased by 50%.

Today, the web is stronger, faster and more crowded than ever — people rely on an Internet connection to communicate, earn revenue and entertain, among many other things. Take a look at some of the past social networking kings that existed before Facebook. Most are still around, but in a different form from which they originated.

For many computer users in the mid '90s, the Internet AOL.

Then in 2001, AOL acquired Time Warner in its bid to become a media company.

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