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How do I choose between following my heart or head? And lastly, is it wishful thinking to imagine that any one person can fulfill all my needs and wants?

The answer: The one coveted person that fulfills all of our relationship needs and wants can only be found in one place: the magical land of unicorns, mermaids and fairies.

Choosing between your heart or head is a deeply personal decision that depends on where you are in your life currently, your insight into what would truly make you happy, and what you want for the short and long-term.

It sounds as though you are not yet in a place to make a commitment .

When your heart and head align, you will know you have met the right person. Psych., is a clinical psychologist and organizational & media consultant.

So don't tell either guy where you are all the time.

If one guy clearly comes out on top, well, there's your answer.

When you finally make a choice, break it off with the other guy without a huge, drawn-out explanation.

Bethany Marshall, Ph D, author of Deal Breakers shares on how to navigate this tricky situation.

Until a guy says he wants to be exclusive (and you feel the same way), you have the right to play the field. Until you have The Talk, there's no reason to tell him you're seeing someone else.

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  1. Cultural analyst Sherry Turkle warns we’re rapidly approaching a point where: “We may actually prefer the kinship of machines to relationships with real people and animals.” Certainly we have long had a fascination with these half-women, from The Bionic Woman in the 1970s to Her in 2013, where Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with his computer’s operating system.