Dating with down syndrome

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“I used to come away really angry, but now I just think if someone makes a comment I would rather educate them and come away feeling like they know something different after speaking to me.

“Just this week I was in town getting some last minute things for Chloe’s birthday and a woman in a shop said ‘there’s something wrong with her, she’s a bit slow’. People need to change their attitudes, but if we don’t raise awareness, how will they know?

As reported by our sister title the this week, little Chloe was plucked from hundreds of youngsters to be the UK Ambassador for an international Down’s syndrome charity.

She was chosen from more than 700 hopefuls to be the UK’s face of Nothing Down - an American-based charity raising awareness of Down’s syndrome.

Teach discrimination skills—the foundation to future learning—using the authors' evidence-based curriculum and strategies.

Covers delivering effective instruction, overcoming barriers to learning, assessment, and remedial strategies. Address these and other common behavior issues in children with Down syndrome using the author's effective and proactive approach to behavior management.

In it, Chloe, from Castlepark in Irvine, urges viewers to wear odd socks to celebrate the day on March 21.

It used to really get to me but now I deal with it better.The hour-long discussion mirrored that of many of previous hearings on different abortion bills, with Republicans often talking about their antiabortion stances and Democrats often raising concerns about whether the government should dictate a woman’s health decisions.Some legislators shared stories about their own experiences with people with disabilities. Turzai said during Monday’s meeting that he views this as “disability rights” legislation and that he was “appalled” after he read news reports about abortions after Down syndrome diagnoses in Iceland. Abbott, called it “another example of Harrisburg Republicans exploiting the vulnerable families and trying to undermine the doctor-patient relationship to score political points.” The legislature last year pushed through a bill that would have banned abortions starting in the 20th week of pregnancy rather than the 24-week limit under current law.“Chloe is like every other five-year-old, she goes to dancing, she is starting mainstream school this year, she is funny, she is just like every other child.“I would just love it, if one day people saw Chloe as Chloe and not a label, not a child with Down’s syndrome or anything other than who she is.

WDSD is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012.

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