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This conflict recently caught the eye of Australian beer writer, Glen Humphries, who runs the blog, Beer is Your Friend.On Monday, he reported specifically that Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA and Stone’s Go To IPA, as sold in the country, both come with code lengths of 365 days.

Stone even highlights on its website the fact that its window of freshness is “among the shortest in the industry,” adding “one of the greatest tragedies for us is when a beer crafted to showcase these hops is left languishing on a shelf for too long as time erodes all of its botanical qualities.”It’s not that brewers don’t want overseas drinkers getting anything less than their best. Using the same best buy codes employed closer to the point of production would only help the illegal gray market flourish.

(The company even offers “Out of Code” specials on its website.) He says that shortened code dates to match a brewery’s homeland standards are just “not going to be economically viable for such a distant market.”“The beer is simply not going to hit the consumer before the ticking time bomb goes off,” he writes.

“So some kind of extension to the [best before] dates is going to be necessary to make this model work. This part of it is perhaps the most debatable.”Andy Christofi, also of Experienceit Beverages (which, along with Stone, counts Deschutes, Victory, and more in its portfolio), advocates instead for a simple “brewed on” date.“Then the customer decides if they want it or not,” he writes.

But Stone founder Greg Koch says the last of those three is the reason for extended dates on Stone beer in Australia.

But he’s also adamant that Stone fans down under are still getting fresh beer.“What’s not visible is the fact that we have an agreement with our importer that they will only sell beer within the code date, and that code date is within 90-120 days,” Koch says.“Here’s the reality,” he continues.

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