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We hope it tells a story of living free, not following the crowd and being vulnerably yourself.

* 📸 @alin.ostafe #livefree #freedom #onelife #thenakedprofessor #mentalwellness A post shared by The Naked Professor (@thenakedprofessor) on “My flatmate was seeing a hypnotherapist to help him overcome an injury but he was often late for the appointments at our flat so I was lucky enough to chat with the therapist before he arrived,” Ben says.

“I want to stir something inside of others that gets them to check in with who they are and how they are living and get them to take action if they aren’t satisfied with what they represent.

“I want my audience to remove their masks that hides their true personality and instead to embrace the spirit they have within and the values they stand for, to become their own person, creative and inspired.” It’s a valiant message, but it’s likely to be Ben’s images that first attract most people to his account.

This isn’t just about getting attention for his impressive physique though, Ben hopes to spread his message to his 16,000 followers and the world.

The idea came about after he developed anxiety through a new work venture: “For the last three years I’ve been running a technology startup company, which hasn’t gone how I originally hoped,” he told .

“Initially I was very closed to the whole concept of growth and personal development (and hypnotherapy) but we had some interesting conversations and I eventually opened up to her about an area of my life that I specifically wanted to change.

“In short that was a lack of sexual fulfilment - I thought it was a physical issue within me, but we ended up working together and I now believe it stemmed from my thinking patterns and how shut off I was from my emotions.” Ben suffers from a condition called delayed ejaculation, which essentially means he can't orgasm.

* @alin.ostafe and I waited a long time to get this picture.As vulnerability queen @brenebrown tells us, when you are comfortable enough to share your flaws, no one can hold them against you.That's exactly what's going on here, my vulnerability in sharing, is what is making me strong.It’s a busy place and although we were desperate to capture the moment, we weren’t there to cause any offence to passers by.Just as we were going to give up, we got a moment to ourselves and Alin did the rest 🙏🏼.

The man behind the naked body, however, is Ben, a 36-year-old tech entrepreneur from south-west London.

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