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This section of the catalogue features luxury companions providing escort services.

If you get a reply of yes you will probably be shown a catalog, you pay for it, the little chinese man runs off and comes back with it in a bag/box and you don't open the bag/box until you exit the store.

DM has always been notorious for finding shit that is not exactly legal, I've seen sex toys from small things to real dolls, full replica m16's that were nothing more than a cigarette lighter, tattoo guns, I know of a guy who supposedly picked up some ww2 'deactivated' pistol, they sold the firing pin to him separately.

For reference the price for the local currency (AED) is about 3.7 to 1. The nice hotels have pick up bars for many of the hookers and at some of them the hotel staff are involved in setting up the guests with the girls.

They may even be checked into your room from the front desk.

If there's a will there's a way, if you want a big fake dick to stick in your body, go and find it yourself. Cabin crew from airlines told me that they used to bring them in from elsewhere.

The asking price will continue to go up and up as guys continue to pay it.

Enjoy cute companions and your time with Dubai escort girls.

Pretty taboo question but I've had to leave my toys at home when I moved here. Yo, it's the person who thinks I'm 'rude' because I couldn't give you an exact store.

They are looking for the rich businessman and foreign men who can afford to stay at the swanky hotels.

They know if a guy is willing to pay 0 on a room he will likely be willing to pay that much or more for some company.

If you are going to to try pick up prostitutes then this is the hotel you should stay at.

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