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Later that same episode, when Ben popped the question after sending Jessa on an all-day scavenger hunt to find him, they appeared to break the rules a second time by engaging in a full frontal hug.This time, however, Jim Bob was not present to catch the misstep.This is probably the worst nightmare of every single teenage boy out there, but with the Duggars, it is the reality.If you want to date a Duggar girl, you will have to go through their dad first and if you don’t impress him, better luck next time with some other girl!If you haven’t got the slightest idea who the Duggars are, let’s get you all caught up.

However, the Duggars care very little of what other people might think about their lifestyle and the way they raise their kids, and they simply do their own thing.Of course, his children have no business just casually dating people and if they do want to date someone, the whole process has to be monitored in order to establish whether the person actually is spouse material or not.Going on the dates for the sole purpose of having fun is something that no Duggar kid will ever experience because it is against everything they believe in.So if the dad thinks that a guy is not good enough for one of his little girls, the girls usually don’t disagree with him because, after all, he has more experience and they believe he really knows what’s best for them.If one of the Duggar boys wanted to court an unwed mother, that would be a big no-no.

“I had had a couple of girlfriends before meeting Jill, and chaperoning was new to me,” he admits in the book.