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“Letter dated 29/03/2018 from Esther Mc Vey to colleagues regarding the implementation of the Upper Tribunal HM judgement following the decision not to appeal the High Court judgement in the judicial review challenge against regulation 2(4) of the Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 S. Whilst I accepted this outcome l made clear at the time that the Department does not accept all the details within the judgment. As a result, the Department will implement the law as stated in the Upper Tribunal MH judgment from November 2016.If a claim is made as a couple, both members of the couple will both get appointments from the Jobcentre to go in and meet their work coaches.Before the interview claimants will be asked to confirm their identity and provide documents that support their claim.

Once the on-line claim form has been completed, a summary screen will show the claimant the information they have submitted and confirm the details.

Advice should be given about the support that is available.

Budgeting advice and support can also be given and the claimant will be reminded about their responsibilities and what will happen if they fail to meet their responsibilities.

Some existing and previous live service claimants will be able to continue their claims - see our live service guidance for more information.

Claims in ‘full service’ areas Claims in the full services areas are to be made electronically, via a link on the GOV. Once the claim has been accepted, the claim is then also maintained and changes updated electronically.

After the interview, providing all the conditions of entitlement are met, DWP will process the claim and inform the claimant of the decision on their award via their online account.

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