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It supports a wide range of use cases without requiring client-side modifications in each user agent for each use case.This enables content providers to develop a single application solution for all devices.Keys only become unknown when they are explicitly removed from a session and any license release message is acknowledged.Key Systems usually require a block of initialization data containing information about the stream to be decrypted before they can construct a license request message.Licenses provided to the CDM associate each key with a key ID so the CDM can select the appropriate key when decrypting an encrypted block of media data.

It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in progress.Supported content is encrypted per container-specific "common encryption" specifications, enabling use across key systems.Supported content has an unencrypted container, enabling metadata to be provided to the application and maintaining compatibility with other features.This document was published by the HTML Media Extensions Working Group as an Editor's Draft. Please send them to [email protected](subscribe, archives). Please see the Working Group's implementation report.Publication as an Editor's Draft does not imply endorsement by the Membership.

] providing APIs to control playback of encrypted content.

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